Shaving Set (4 Piece)


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Step 1

Prior to using [Blue Shield] Pre-Shave Oil; Wash shave area thoroughly in shower or with warm water. When performing a “Hot Shave” apply warm moist towel to shave area for 5-10min allowing skin to soften and pores to open. Apply a dime-size amount of pre-shave oil in a circular motion while skin is still damp. FOR BEST RESULTS FOLLOW WITH CONQUER SHAVE CREAM. This pre-shave oil can also be used as a stand-alone shave oil if so desired.

Step 2

Immediatly after using [Blue Shield] Pre-Shave Oil apply a thin layer of [Conquer] Shave Cream over moist skin. Apply in a circular motion aiming to raise hairs up. Follow by using your favourite razor in the direction of hair growth. Thoroughly rinse razor with warm water between strokes. After shaving is complete, rinse shaved area with cool water to ensure ALL shave cream is rinsed off, pat dry. This cream may be applied with shaving brush as an alternative to direct application. FOR BEST RESULTS FOLLOW WITH [RED SHIELD] AFTER-SHAVE OIL.

Step 3

After washing shave area with cool water and patting dry, drip a dime size of [Red Shield] After-Shave Oil into your palm. Briefly rub togther and disperse evenly over shaved area. May be used as a stand-alone after-shave oil if so desired. FOR BEST RESULTS FOLLOW WITH NEMESIS AFTER-SHAVE BALM.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of [Nemesis] After-Shave Balm over shaved area. To sooth irritated areas and reduce inflammation, increase balm application as necessary. Apply immediately after pre-shave oil application or after shaving. Can be used as a stand-alone after-shave balm. THIS BALM CAN ALSO BE USED AS A LIGHT FACE MOISTURIZER.